Personal life.

Thinking of making a project personal to me, and my life, where it tells truth and meaning to me, shows my life at its bones, using 35mm film for the project but either  A not using all the shots so it can be added to.. or B shooting a fill of film and locking it away dis-guarded.


Currently working on a  project named GrimTreet at university, the them of the work is time, and i am looking at how over time things get left, from binges,parties and illegal doings, and how over futther time the elements take heir part.
The project is for my location brief and has three sections:
 Colour 35mm film
 Black and white 35mm Film
This current stage is for the colour film, results will be posted at end of project.


Shooting film under the title Location: Time
Currently have Colour im my camera, and then i move onto digital in 4 weeks, followed by black and white, will be able to upload some digital, but need some scanning method available before i can add any analogue work, so keep following and check out my flickr.

Catch up..

Moved to flickr with the main of my work, will still post to my Tumblr on occasions but follow me on Flickr for my latest work.

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